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The Journal of Social Dialogues (JSD) is an on-line academic, open access, double blind peer reviewed online journal published bi-annually (April and October) by Damdama College (Affiliated to Gauhati University), Assam, India. The journal aims to highlight the issues and crisis, evolving from India’s development paradigm. Over the years, globalization and the economization of the globe has endangered numerous marginal communities to the brink of destruction and ruin, compromised on their natural resources and therefore intensified the divides between the rich and the poor, the mainstream and those on the margins. The greatest threat has been the continuous marginalization of woman, children and elderly, not to speak of the loss of animal habitats and species destruction. It has been seen that such developments cater only to the aspirations of a mobile elite. Often drawing inspiration from the nations’ caste bias, it however does not hinge on religion per se but construct an idea of class, where those who are powerful decide the grounds, where the poor and homeless are only engaged as workers. In the recent years, laws that enact sweeping economic and political differentials are contested both at the national and regional level.

The journal seeks contribution from scholars, journalists, writers and activists that contribute to highlighting the crisis and the possible policy measures that can be enacted as a result or the reforms to existing laws necessary thereof. Papers of this journal are interdisciplinary in nature and themes of interest include politics, economics, education, orality, tribal studies, ethnic and gender issues, patriarchy and power, politics of feminism, man animal relations, globalization, the attendant crisis to environment and other contemporary issues etc.


'Migration in India Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic: Implications, Challenges and Future Preparedness'

Volume 1 | Issue 1 | April, 2021

1 - Coronavirus and Capitalism: Unveilings, Expansions, and Rupture

- Maya Bhardwaj

2 - Floating Citizens of a Market Economy? An Analysis of Migrant Worker's Crises During the Coronavirus Pandemic in India

- Kankhita Sarma

3 - Post Covid-19 Rural Market Scenario: Changes in Supply Chain and Price Distribution

- Pallabi Chakraborty

4 - Kerala's Guest Workers Amid Covid-19

- Anjana Sreelakshmi

5 - Rural-urban Households Expenditure: A Comparative Study with reference to Food Consumption Amidst Covid-19 Outbreak

- Sahil Choudhury

6 - Covid-19 Outbreak and Social Distancing: A Socio-psychological Perspective

- Anisha Choudhury I Supriya Mazumda

7 - Chronic Crisis: The Emergence of Invisible India

- Dr Shoaib Ekram

8 - Covid-19 Crisis in India and the Reality of Migrant Workers

- Chinmay Chakravarty